0x80072EFD error code

Error code 0x80072EFD is a system error in Windows 10. This error occurs on Application Updates like Microsoft Edge, Office or any other applications.

Reasons for Error code 0X8002EFD

The communication breakage with the host is the main reason. The internet communication disruption is the main reason for this error. You can check the communication continuity with the command prompt with the following commands like NS Lookup.

The NS lookup checks for the Network Strength but the full name is not the same. It is Nameserver checkup command. Don’t get confused with the terminology, the Nameservers are deisgnated names of the destination machine. If the name resolves, the pages will open when you type the host name. Similarly, the name server communication should respond when the client makes a communication path. If the response is no, then the server won’t respond.

Similarly, when you try to check for Application updates, the host response and sometimes the client communication couldn’t reach due to the security settings. Ensure, your security is allowing the communication.

0x80072EFD error code

If you get to see this error code 0x8002EFD, don't get panic. You can always try to follow the below steps:

NOTE: Before, you continue to read the below steps, bookmark this page or chat with an agent to help you.

Because, the steps may lead you to lose this page and lose the communication. We guarantee you the solutions if you like to take support here.

Let us go with the steps now:

  1. Try to restart your application first, right click on task manager and select the process of that application and end it,

  2. Check with Windows Services, look for windows update services under system tab. The common name appears as “wuauserv”. Try to restart the service using a right click.

  3. You can now turn on the command prompt as administrator and run the system file checker command.


  4. Then, restart your computer once and then check for updates to see if this error 0X80002EFD has stopped coming.

  5. If you still see the same error, you can try to repair your windows once to resolve this issue.

  6. Incase, if you are not comfortable with windows repair, you can reach out to our tech. So that, we can have advanced tools run on your computer to solve the errors.


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