Something went wrong with my word document – unable to open the office apps


Office Programs Not Opening in my word document

This article is related to something went wrong with my word document message that appears on office programs.

This error message pops up when there is an installation related issues or an office program repair related issues.
This is related to the broken office services.

You can access it from the administrative options under control panel and services program.
something went wrong

We suggest you to access control panel and then click on the administrative tools. Over there you find component services and services. You should open the services option and browse for the office related source engine services. Now right click and see if the service is enabled or stopped.

This service is started to continue with the repair office program. If you find this service is stopped, manually change it or reinstall the program.

If you have to reinstall office program, then it will prompt you with something went wrong messages.

We have to clean the temporary files on your computer and delete the traces of office related program files to continue with a new office  installation.

Causes of this Something went wrong with my word document

Something went wrong is mainly due to the system inconsistencies. If you have found the same on Windows 10 updates, you can first update your Windows.

Something went wrong error message may also appear for windows updates if that fails to work. In these cases, you have to contact the technical support to help you with the Windows repair or Office installation.

Office installation error something went wrong messages incur if you have traces of old office program files and the windows is not clean. You can contact the expert on chat to help you with the something went wrong or any office or windows related error messages.

How to Resolve “something went wrong with my word document”?

Sometimes when you are not able to open a Word file because of the “Enabled Protected View” settings, you should change the policy.

To resolve this issue, follow these steps

  1. Firstly, open Microsoft Word
  2. Secondly, go to “File”, and click “Options”
  3. After that, go to “Trust Center” and click the button just below the “trust Centre Settings”
  4. Then click on “Protected View”
  5. Now, uncheck everything and click the “Ok” button
  6. Finally, restart Microsoft Word and open the same document again.

Make sure your connect with the tech from the same computer on which you see this “something went wrong” messages.

In conclusion,

If you are still not able to solve this issue, we suggest you to Chat with our experts. I am sure they will help you solve the issue. For more information to visit our website.

something went wrong
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Getting Office Installation Error Code 0-1018(0) – Unable to Start Office Program

Office installation error couldn’t start error code 0-1018 (0) appears when there is a registry left overs from the previous installation. We have noticed that the office installation requires a clean up of the previous office program.

The error code 0-1018 (0) installing office 2019/2021 message also shows when there is another installation initiated and in progress.

Another office program in this case is related to the same instance and the user had started the office installation program more than one time.

couldn't start office installation error code 0-1018

How to stop other office installation program?

Other office installation program stopped using the task manager. We also have office program explorer or app explorer on it to find an ongoing process. We can use it to end the process of other office installation.

Office program starts and completes the office installation program when you run single instance. error code 0-1018  is one of the common error 0-1018 (0) that appears due to the multiple instances. If there is a registry or left overs involved, then we need to open and edit the registry.

What is interrupted office installation error code 0-1018(0)

It can also throw you this couldn’t start office installation error code 0-1018 message “couldn’t start office with code 0-1018”. We advise you to communicate with our tech experts here to fix the issues.

Office installation error code 0-1018(0) can also happen if your computer has got some corrupted files or failed system registry, virus issues, malware or spyware attacks.

Our Assured support plans gives you a sit and relax assurance while we work on your computers and you can watch and learn the solutions.

couldn't install office

Here is another example when you have a different bit version of office in the previous office installation, you can only install the same one again or an upgraded one usually.

Above all, office program cannot installed because your previous office program installation was a 64-bit version.

It has thrown an error message office error code 0-1018 saying the installation you have started is for the 32- bit version of office.

How to Resolve this error code 0-1018 (0) office 2019 ?

To install 64-bit office,

  • It will work with your existing 64-bit applications
  • Proceed by selecting to install 64- bit .

For 32-bit version,

  • Select “cancel”, uninstall your 64-bit office applications and
  • Start this 32-bit installation programs again.

If you need any help  in installing office 64-bit or 32-bin when you couldn’t install office and get an couldn’t start office installation error code 0-1018 (0) , feel free to reach us on chat for assistance.

If you couldn’t install office error code 0-1018 (0) or any other programs, we are here to assist you at your convenience. You can reach us on chat and also take remote assistance based on your requirements.

Feel free to contact our expert team by click on the chat link on this page. I am sure they will help you resolve the issue. for more information visit our website.

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Why my office programs show unlicensed even if I purchased it from right place?

Office Programs shows Unlicensed Product:

In office programs shows unlicensed products, the software products are programmed with the protocols to see the date of your computer and set the date.

The uninstall does not fully clean and remove all the changes local and remote made by the package office installation. In some keys the package makes a network change to obtain the short term key from an external server that check for a previous install.

Most of the modern software when installed creates entries in the windows registry. When you uninstall the trial version, it won’t remove the data entries from the registry. Thus the products turn unlicensed at times. Overriding of the previously installed trial products can causes this unlicensed issues.

We are here to help you out to make your unlicensed products as licensed. You the actual product licenses at a reasonable cost depending on your requirement.

We can advise you the subscription products to reduce your costs or we can also get the life time products as a one off payment plans.

How to purchase a office licensed product?

A licensed product is available on the manufacturers website. It can also give you the description of the product which tells you about the product features. Beware that a software product requires a licensed key for activation.

In case if you fail to install the licensed key, it will show as unlicensed product. It is very important to activate a unlicensed product. Make sure you do not end up using the trial every time as the product cannot deliver all the features with a trial version. In turn the unlicensed product cannot let you use it for any reason when it turns unlicensed product.

Report an office unlicensed product:

If you have an active license key but you still get undesired messages saying you have an unlicensed product, then it is required to report to the seller or the support team. A support person can verify the unlicensed product key and check the validity of the product, then gives you the best solution for an unlicensed product.

Replace an unlicensed product:

You can also replace your unlicensed product only when you can find the product is damaged. If you have the purchase receipt, then you can contact the seller and ask for the unlicensed product replacement.

If the product key is showing you as an invalid key, there are chances that you have installed a non-suitable product which in turn showing your product as unlicensed. Replace the wrong products and download the actual ones to activate the product.

In Conclusion,

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