[KB63363901]-“Can’t verify The Signature” installation error in office 365/2021/2019

In the fast-paced world of modern offices, seamless communication and document sharing are essential for productivity. However, encounters an errors couldn’t install we’re sorry but we can’t verify the signature, especially when user tries to verify the signatures, can be a common frustration. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind signature verification issues in office software

When you pops up the “Can’t verify the signature” in Office 365, it typically refers to an issue we are sorry but we can’t verify the signature office of an email message. This can happen if the sender’s signature cannot be confirm or if there are problems with the certificate uses to sign the email.

Possible reasons for this message include:

Invalid or Expired Certificate:

The digital signature relies on a valid and unexpired certificate. If the certificate used to sign the email has expired or is invalid, verification fails.

Certificate Chain Issues:

If the email’s certificate is not in the trusted certificate authorities list or if there are issues with the certificate chain, verification may fail.

Tampered Content:

If the email content has been altered after the digital signature was applied, the signature cannot be verified.

Can't Verify the Signature

The user isn’t always capable of verifying the signature in Microsoft office 365. we can’t verify the signature of files required to install your office product If they use a device that doesn’t have hardware compatibility for the office applications.

The consumer should improve the device with a working system to confirm the signature problems in Microsoft office 365/2021.

This “we’re sorry but we can’t verify the signature of files required to install your office product ” error is due to the installation of Microsoft office 365. The user would possibly have set up the software program without updating it or without verifying the signature and user have to we need to verify these signatures to keep your computer safe

This difficulty is resolved with the aid of cleansing all of the temporary net files within the gadget.

Delete those from the device after which download Microsoft workplace and check the Microsoft 365 updates.
Can't Verify the Signature

[KB63363901]-How user Can verify the Signature?

  1. First, open Microsoft 365 and click on settings
  2. Next, click on account settings after which pick safety information finally.
  3. Observe the instructions on the screen to verify your signature
  4. If you are unable to verify your signature, that is probably because of a difficulty with the Microsoft office 365 installations
  5. First, make sure that you have installed the trendy model of office 365/2021
  6. In case you are nonetheless not able to verify your signature, please contact our aid group for further assistance.
    Can’t Verify The Signature

How to repair office 365/2021 in windows 10?

There are two ways to repair Microsoft office 365, quick repair and online restore. In Quick Repair, issues are quickly fixed without Internet connectivity but whereas in Online Repair, issues are fixed a little later and an Internet connection is Required. Consequently, to restore Microsoft workplace 365/2021/2019 the use of the short restore tool, follow these steps

  1. First off, press the Windows key + X to look at a list of instructions and options. (basically, it is a quick way to get to packages and capabilities in the Control Panel)
  2. Select the “programs and features“and click on to workplace software you need to restore, Which choose to the alternate button
  3. Choose quick repair or online repair alternatives to complete the repair process
  4. At last, restart your pc once repair is done .

Steps to fix this Error “Cant verify the Signature”:

The following steps gives you clear information how to slove easily for your Signature verification, you can try the following steps carefully

Check the Document Status:

Ensure that the document hasn’t been altered or corrupted. If possible, obtain a fresh copy of the document and try verifying the signature again.

Update Office Software:

Make sure your Microsoft Office software is up to date. Updates often include security patches that might resolve signature verification issues.

Digital Signature Settings:

Check your digital signature settings in Office. Go to “File” > “Options” > “Trust Center” > “Trust Center Settings” > “Digital Signatures.”

Ensure that the correct options has to select.

Certificate Trust:

Verify that the certificate use to sign the document is trust. Check the certificate details, and if it’s issue by a trusted authority, it should be consider as a valid.

Check System Time and Date:

Ensure that the date and time on your computer are accurate. Incorrect settings can cause issues with signature verification.

Revoked Certificates:

If the certificate use to sign the document has been revokes, signature verification may fail. Check certificate status to confirm or still appears valid.

Security Software:

Temporarily disable or configure your antivirus and other security software to see if they might be causing interference with signature verification.

Repair Office Installation:

Try repairing your Microsoft Office installation. This can be done through the “Programs and Features” (Windows) or “Applications” (Mac) settings. If you’re in a corporate environment, couldn’t able to set up office installation , contact your IT support for assistance. They may have specific procedures or policies in place.


If signature verification issues persist, reaching out to technical support for your office software can provide specialized assistance in resolving complex problems.


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