When you couldn’t start office and the installation process shows Error code 0-1018(0)

Office installation error couldn’t start office installation error code 0-1018(0) appears when there is a registry left overs from the previous installation. We have noticed that the office installation requires a clean up of the previous office program. The error code 0-1018 message also shows when there is another installation initiated and in progress. Another office program in this case is related to the same instance and the user had started the office installation more than one time.

couldn't start office installation error code 0-1018

How to stop other office installation?

Other office installation can be stopped using the taskmanager. We also have program explorer or app explorer on it to find an ongoing process. We can use it to end the process of other installation. Office program starts and completes the installation when you run single instance. Error code 0-1018 is one of the common error codes that appears due to the multiple instances. If there is a registry or left overs involved, then we need to open and edit the registry.

What is interrupted office installation?

Office installation may get interrupted if you turn off or restart your machine during the process of office installation. There is a chance to get the partial installation of program files and the installation got interrupted. It can also throw you this error code message “couldn’t start office with error code 0-1018”. We advise you to communicate with our tech experts here to fix the issues.

Office installation error 0-1018 can also happen if your computer has got some corrupted files or failed system registry, virus issues, malware or spyware attacks. We advise you to get your system analysed with our experts for the best performance and get the ongoing technical help to resolve any issues. Our Assured support plans gives you a sit and relax assurance while we work on your computers and you can watch and learn the solutions.

couldn't install office

Here is another example when you have a different bit version of office in the previous installation, you can only install the same one again or an upgraded one usually. As you see above office couldn’t be installed here because your previous office installation was a 64-bit version where as a 32-bit was initialized to install. It has thrown an error message saying the installation you have started is for the 32- bit version of office, but the following 64-bit office applications are already installed on the computer.

If you want to install 64-bit office, which will work with your existing 64-bit applications, you can proceed by selecting to install 64- bit . If you want the 32-bit version, then you have to select “cancel”, uninstall your 64-bit office applications and then start this 32-bit installation programs again.  If you need any help  in installing office 64-bit or 32-bin when you couldn’t install office and get an error code 0-1018, feel free to reach us on chat for assistance.

If you couldn’t install office or any other programs, we are here to assist you at your convenience. You can reach us on chat and also take remote assistance based on your requirements. We are not directly related to any specific companies who are  your hardware or software vendors but we are experts in the technologies you use. So, we can suggest you the solutions for any kind of installation error codes 0-1018 or others and make sure office program is installed.

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