How to Clear MS Excel not working issues?

How to fix Microsoft Excel not working issues?

The troubleshooting steps will help you resolve the most common excel not working issues when you receive an Microsoft Excel not working error.

This article is about possible steps to fix bugs in MS Excel not working issue. If your excel program is not responding or revealing an error, it freezes or hangs when you launch Microsoft Excel not working issues. There can be one or more causes of this problem.

Solutions for Microsoft Excel not working issues

First, you have to open MS Excel not working issues by pressing Control + S. This will turn the excel program into a safe mode. Starting in safe mode will bypass the various settings and functions. Etc.

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Always install new updates for Microsoft excel not working issues

Most MS Office problems are caused by old files, so always install new updates for Microsoft office recent updates or keep Windows on automatic updates. Ensure that MS Excel is not being used in any other Office programs.

If it used in another office program, the status bar will be indicating all its information. Try opening one Microsoft office program at a time.

Set up potential issues with add-ons

Add-ons help sometimes solves the problem, but intermittently they have problems with Excel not working issues but doing so enhances your experiences, constantly try to set it without add-ons.

Do one of the followings

  1. If you work on Windows 8, press the windows button then type run in search and open then type excel/safe when the run box is open then press ok.
  2. Similarly, if there is a window 7, you use, then click on Start and type Excel Safe in Search office Program and Files and then click OK.
  3. For instance, one solution is to shut down Excel completely and restart it.


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Sometimes even antivirus may conflict with MS Excel because it is not updated, Excel will not work properly.

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