Excel program not in editing mode and shows unlicensed error – Get solved?

Unlicensed Excel messages appear due to many reasons like incorrect system date and time or the expired product key. We are here to assist you with the unlicensed product excel error messages for word, excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Excel Unlicensed Product

Unlicensed excel program is a trouble that creates no way to edit excel work sheets. If you have any important task to address or edit the excel sheets on urgent basis, you can also use the online services like excel online to avoid unlicensed products excel error messages.

 Excel Unlicensed Product Solution:

Excel programs are not only for the employees but also the home users use them a lot as well as students. The excel sheets are easy to save the accounting related content. If you have the unlicensed error messages on excel documents, then you cannot continue your work. It may also hamper your work with the unsaved sheets for this unlicensed excel related messages.

Excel Unlicensed Product sheets are not only usable and nor that you can open your old sheets sometimes. It is because of the progressive stopped services. We have dealt with the excel sheets that throw unlicensed messages due to the incorrect license keys, inactive products, expired subscription, incorrect system date or time.


The excel shows unlicensed product do not pertain only to one specific program or file, it may also show up the same error in other programs like Word, PowerPoint and Outlook.

  • We suggest you the following troubleshooting steps to fix the unlicensed product in excel:
  • You can input the correct product key and activate
  • To check the subscription renewal status
  • Repair the excel program or reinitialize the failed services.


The excel sheets are found in the programs folders under c drive. If you cannot find the excel run file over there, then there are missing program related files on your computer. It is required to do a new installation if you see the missing program files.

Consequently, if you are still not able to resolve this issue, we recommend you to chat with our experts. I am sure they will help you resolve your issue. For more information visit our website.

Excel program not editing mode
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