File Explorer is freezing or Slow context menu , lagging, and not opening in Windows 11

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Microsoft has introduced a fresh context menu interface for Windows 11 that features frequently used options as buttons located at the top of the menu. However, the new context menu in Windows 11 has been reported to have performance issues, such as File Explorer freezing, lagging, hanging, and occasional failure to open.

There’s a delay of 1/2 second to 1 minute in utmost times, but occasionally you can see it start to open, also flicker and close itself.

The context menu has a issue that causes a delay when you right- click on launch button on the desktop or Discoverer.

Some users have reported that the delay is more noticeable on certain devices, and they have been able to resolve the issue by restarting the Explorer.exe.

File Explorer is freezing

Fix Windows 11 File Explorer Freezing, lagging

To address the issue of lagging and freezes in Windows 11 File Explorer, consider implementing the following solutions.

Restart File Explorer

Issues with the utility can be resolved by doing that.

1. Open task manager by Right- click the launch menu icon
2. Click on Windows Explorer on the Task Manager window and select renew

Disable or uninstall third party Antivirus software

Clear the File Explorer cache

Open control panel, by Clicking windows 11 start button and also type Control panel, double click on control panel in search result

Type” File” in search windows 11 and also click File Explorer Options

In the windows 11 File Explorer Options dialog box, go to the privacy section and click Clear and also click OK and apply

To fix windows 11 File Explorer Freezing Issue Perform an SFC Scan

  • To open the Terminal with administrative privileges, you can right-click on the Windows 11 Start icon and select “Terminal (admin)”
  • To initiate the checkup process, please open the terminal window and type in “sfc/ scan now” followed by pressing the enter key. Please remain patient and do not close the terminal window until the checkup process has been completed.
  • If you receive the message “Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them” while performing an SFC scan in the terminal window, then you should follow the steps provided in the same terminal window.

type DISM/ Online/ Clean- up- Image/ Check Health

SFC scan

This time, DISM will make an effort to address the problems related to your Windows 11 servers and retrieve the required files to fix the issues with your operating system. Please note that this process may take around 15-20 minutes.

Check for windows 11 updates

  • Please click on the Windows Start button in Windows 11.
  • Click on the settings.
  • Select windows 11 update.
  • Click on check for updates, it’ll download all the update. I also need you to renew the system in order to finish the installation.

Still facing issue with the file explore.

Follow the give instruction below.

In order to reload the KB5010386 update on Windows 11, it needs to be downloaded manually from the catalogue page.

Registry back up disclaimer

Once you install KB5010386, reboot the PC. Check if the issue is fixed.

We are still experiencing issues, and it might be necessary to reset the PC and install the latest version of Windows 11. Alternatively, you can try doing an in-place upgrade of Windows 11 File Explorer is freezing or Slow context menu , but please ensure that you back up your data before attempting this. It’s recommended to consult with experts for further assistance.

Reset windows 11

  • Click windows Start button> click on Settings> select System> Recovery. Open Recovery settings.
  • Select Reset this PC.

In place Upgrade

Before proceeding with the in-place upgrade to Windows 11, ensure that you backup all the data on your computer. Then, download the Windows 11 ISO file and perform the upgrade installation.

In Conclusion,

Still, also we suggest you to choose a Microsoft Chat Support from us to help you better, if you have problem in following this steps. I ’m sure they will give you the swish results to resolve this file Explorer is Freezing, lagging, and not opening in Windows 11 completely. You can also visit our website for farther more information.

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