KB9199281-[FIXED] Microsoft Edge Problems in Windows 11

Microsoft Edge is a fast browser that allows you to navigate the Internet fluently. Microsoft Edge is installed by dereliction, but you can also get it free from the Microsoft Store. numerous druggies reported that Microsoft Edge occasionally runs into problems in Windows 11. In this composition, we will bandy the major causes of this problem and also the stylish styles to help you fix Microsoft Edge problems in no time.

Microsoft Edge Problems

Reasons for the Microsoft Edge Problems in Windows 11

  1. Microsoft Edge doesn’t open
  2. It closes aimlessly

Microsoft Edge Problems in Windows 11

  1. Microsoft Edge isn’t suitable to open specific web runners
  2. The browser takes a lot of time to load
  3. Microsoft Edge don’t open from Taskbar
  4. Microsoft Edge not responding in Windows 11

[KB9199281]- Solutions to fix Microsoft Edge Problems in Windows 11

Ensure that Microsoft Edge is over to date

  1. Originally, click the Microsoft Edge icon to open it
  2. After that, choose the three vertical blotches, also click Settings
  3. In the settings option, elect About Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge Problems

  1. Eventually, if there are any available updates, they will be automatically applied

Reset the browser’s settings

  • Originally, open Edge and elect the Menu option, shown as three blotches, followed by Settings

Microsoft Edge

  • Select the Reset settings option from the left side, followed by Restore settings to their dereliction values
  • Make sure you read the pop-up communication completely so that you won’t end up with unknown changes, also click Reset

reset setting

Clear the browsing data

  • Originally, open Edge and click the three- fleck menu, also elect Settings
  • Next, go to eyefuls and point warrants from the left menu, followed by Manage and cancel eyefuls and point data on the right side
  • Eventually, choose See all eyefuls and point data Click Remove all

Still, follow the instruction below or Chat with our Microsoft experts for help, If persist.

Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter

  • Go to the Settings option and elect the Update & Security tab

Microsoft Edge Problems in Windows 11

  • After that, select the Additional troubleshooter option


  • Click on the Windows Update option

Microsoft Edge Problems in Windows 11

  • Eventually, click the Run the troubleshooter button

In Conclusion :

Eventually, follow the below explained way and renew your system services will immaculately renew your updates to work. However, we suggest you to chat with our experts, if you still need help to resolve this Microsoft Edge Problems in Windows 11 error “Processor Not Supported”. I’m sure they will help you resolve this issue Microsoft Edge Problems in Windows 11 fully. You can also visit our website for further details and information.

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