Why does it say office programs not responding?

When you try to open or save a file in Microsoft Office, it displays a message office program not responding. If you do one of the methods mentioned at the end of this article in one of the Microsoft Office products, the software may stop responding (hang) for a long time:

  • In the Save As dialogue box, you select the Save in the list.
  • In the Open dialogue box, you select the Look in list option.

The software does not reply even if you click Cancel or try to close the dialogue box.

PowerPoint Unlicensed Product Issue

 Reasons for office programs “Not Responding”

If any of the following criteria are true, this issue may arise:

  • When the machine is connected to one or more non-existent or presently unavailable mapped network shares.
  • When one or more mapped drives are persistent and the disc is located in an untrusted domain.
  • When the mapped disc is on a machine that is sluggish or low-level. When a computer’s operating system is an earlier version of Microsoft Windows than the computer you’re using, it’s known as a down-level computer.
  • When a mapped disc is shared over a wide area network (WAN).
  • When a detachable drive becomes inaccessible.

How to fix Office Program Not Responding issue?

Try each of the following remedies in order to fix word not responding error and properly use and save files on your operating system. You don’t have to try them all. If you successfully fix it after attempting a repair, you may safely disregard the next steps and resume your work.

  • Use task manager

    • First, try this approach, as the results are frequently favorable.
    • Open the task manager (press ctrl + alt + del or type “task manager” into the search box).
    • To begin, close MS Word / Office from within this application (select it, right-click, and select “End job”).
    • Second, if the disc utilization is 100%, this indicates that Word is not responding due to a RAM overflow, which you must address first.
  • Turn off third-party antivirus software

    • Turn off third-party antivirus software  In this situation, keep in mind that if your antivirus isn’t working, you shouldn’t download suspicious files.
    • Is the Word document that isn’t responding still around?
    • There are other viable alternatives.
  • Turn off MS Word Add-Ins

MS word Add-Ins can occasionally interfere with the application’s normal functionality, causing Word to become unresponsive. Unplug them, and you’re done.

Select File from the taskbar. Then pick Go from the Options menu. Now for the most crucial part: Turn off all MS word add-ins in this windows and hit Enter.

Now is the time to try reopening the damaged document.

  • Make use of server mirroring

Consider implementing server mirroring if the connection is across a Wide Area Network. Server mirroring makes a local copy of a remote server. Then map your disc to the duplicate server on the local network.

By connecting to a local server, you can decrease the wait time.

  • Repair office installation

Microsoft provides a tool that can help you repair problems with Word or Excel that aren’t responding. To fix MS Office and get the Word application to operate again, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Control Panel, then to “Programs and Features,” then to “Microsoft Office.”
  2. In the top menu, select “Change.”
  3. On the pop-up box, select “Repair” and then “Continue.”
  4. Select “Online Repair” or “Quick Repair” and click “Repair” if you’re using a newer version of Microsoft Office.
  5. Restart your computer when the repair procedure is completed.


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Office Program Not Responding
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