Office unlicensed

Office Unlicensed product:

Unlicensed products are not authorized to use. The software products are installed as a trial version. If the products trial period is over, the products will be converted as a trial version.

In general, the software products are programmed with the protocols to see the date of your computer and set the date. Once a software is installed the date is affixed with the registry keys. The uninstall does not fully clean and remove all the changes local and remote made by the package install. In some keys the package makes a network change to obtain the short term key from an external server that check for a previous install.

Most of the modern software when installed creates entries in the windows registry. When you uninstall the trial version, it won’t remove the data entries from the registry. Thus the products turn unlicensed at times. Overriding of the previously installed trial products can causes this unlicensed issues.

We are here to help you out to make your unlicensed products as licensed. We can get you the actual product licenses at a reasonable cost depending on your requirement. We can advise you the subscription products to reduce your costs or we can also get the life time products as a one off payment plans.

How to purchase a licensed product?

A licensed product is available on the manufacturers website in the products listed page. It can also give you the description of the product which tells you about the product features. Beware that a software product requires a license key for activation. In case if you fail to install the license key, it will show as unlicensed product. It is very important to activate a product. Make sure you do not end up using the trial every time as the product cannot deliver all the features with a trial version. In turn the product cannot let you use it for any reason when it turns unlicensed.

Report an unlicensed product:

If you have an active license key but you still get this kind of undesired messages saying you have an unlicensed product, then it is required to report to the seller or the support team. A support person can verify the product key and check the validity of the product, then gives you the best solution for an unlicensed product.

Replace an unlicensed product:

You can also replace your unlicensed product only when you can find the product is damaged. If you have the purchase receipt, then you can contact the seller and ask for the product replacement. If the product key is showing you as an invalid key, there are chances that you have installed a non-suitable product which in turn showing your product as unlicensed. Replace the wrong products and download the actual ones to activate the product.

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