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PowerPoint Unlicensed product messages occur due to the fail office products. The unlicensed product messages appear on PowerPoint products if the school license changes. You need to check with the school IT or University IT department.

PowerPoint Unlicensed Product Issues:

PowerPoint Unlicensed Product Issue

If the PowerPoint product is for your personal use, then you can check your office account and ensure the renewals are done. If your product is from a life time office product. Then you need to make sure the product is not install on the other computers. Then the unlicensed product messages appear on all your office products.

As a result, the PowerPoint is a presentation application used by students or volunteers. You can check by opening the other files to make sure the product unlicensed issue is not with just one file.

PowerPoint unlicensed errors may not appear on the word or excel or Outlook at some instances. We advise you to open the other office programs like word or excel to make sure if the unlicensed error messages appear on them.

If you need to finish you PowerPoint presentations immediate basis. You can make use of the online presentations available on office.com/online


If you need assistance with your school or university office products, since they are volume editions. You can ask your IT departments. If you are a retail user using this PowerPoint for home computers or your office business. Then you can ask our technicians for support.


We can cross check your office licensing on your computers and also verify if your system files are having any inconsistencies. Then we can restart your system services and office related services to solve the unlicensed error messages.

Still you are not able to resolve this error, you can always feel free to chat with our experts. I am sure they will help you solve the issue. For more information visit our website.

PowerPoint Unlicensed Product
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