Unlicensed Products and it’s causes

Products like Microsoft Office, Windows, project and visio with all sub categorized apps like word,excel, powerpoint and outlook may return this kind of unlicensed messages on the top of it’s title bar.

We also explained you about Games, Antivirus programs that may cause the similar issues. Our team excelled in helping the users with multiple questions and answers.

Example issues are discussed below.

unlicensed product

Unlicensed Office:

This is a common issue that appears with the office 365 as that is a subscription based program. If the user miss to renew the same on time, the products may turn unlicensed. Here, we have other set of issues that gives the same message,

For instance, if your software has multiple versions in the same computer, there will be a license conflict and shows this error.

Windows not activated:

Windows activation issues popup with the mismatch of system time-zone and corrupted BIOS if it was an OEM device.


Antivirus and Games

This kind of products may turn unlicensed if the purchased license was used on multiple devices. The limit set for the allotted devices exceeds causes you these unlicensed messages on the new ones.


How do we support with Unlicensed errors?

We are knowledgeable to help you to find your account and ask you to login to the authorized portals and we can search for the licenses. This can be done by yourself but there are chances that you may not be able to find relevant links to login. The unauthorized pages login is a threat for your personal information as well as your purchases.

Hence, we can take access with your presence to help you to login to your actual accounts and change your passwords. The benefit here for this service is you can expect the scope of sales if you do not own that specific account or products.

Don’t believe in the free help but you can rely on us as we are open to tell you the charges involved to purchase a new product.