Unlicensed Product related services

Our services include the following.

  • Installation of software
  • Uninstallation
  • Repair installation
  • Removal from registry of corrupted programs
  • Reinstall the program
  • Activation of the unlicensed products.
  • Unlicensed products removals.

The above services are few methods that help you to overcome this problem. However, if you still face the same problem, we advise you to connect with the support so as to get a new product key for activation. The solution steps are unique for every software product. The final steps are to get a new license key from the seller and use them.

Ingeneral, unlicensed product message shows off when a product license is expired. There are various reasons for every product. In some cases, the system BIOS time is different and the timezone kepts changing. This is a typical issue which may throw you this unlicensed product message.

Have you tried the above steps? It is required to check your system files health as a first step and proceed to the other steps for verification. This issue is unstoppable unless you get a new license key. If not, this keeps coming back. The regular updates can also fix the issue sometimes. If your product shows the me error after replacing the key, there are few command methods to uninstall the previous keys.


Introduction to the unlicensed products:

Office is a Microsoft application. It has two different versions like subscription based and a product key based. The subscription expiry can stop you from using the application. There are many dependencies for the product activation. Such like, the product key, the correct system time on it.

Re-using the same old key can also cause you this unlicensed issues if the limit is exceeded. We rolled out this service for multiple users including corportae users. Unlicensed messages cancels the program access and you cannot edit your files.