Seriously something went wromg with my word document. I am unable to open the office apps

This article is related to something went wrong message that appears on office programs.

This error message pops up when there is an installation related issues or an office program repair related issues.
This is related to the broken office services. The system services are listed under the services window. You can access it from the administrative options under control panel and services program.

We suggest you to access control panel and then click on the administrative tools. Over there you find component services and services. You should open the services option and browse for the office related source engine services. Now right click and see if the service is enabled or stopped.

This service should be started to continue with the repair program. If you find this service is stopped, you can manually change it or else you can reinstall the program. If you have to reinstall office, then it will prompt you with something went wrong messages.

We have to clean the temporary files on your computer and delete the traces of office related program files to continue with a new installation. Something went wrong is mainly due to the system inconsistencies. We have observed this on Windows 8 and the software is not updated. If you have found the same on Windows 10, you can first update your Windows. Note that windows update stops if there are corrupted files on your windows operating system. Something went wrong error message may also appear for windows updates if that fails to work. In these cases, you have to contact the technical support to help you with the Windows repair or Office installation.

Office installation error something went wrong messages incur if you have traces of old office program files and the windows is not clean. You can contact the expert on chat to help you with the something went wrong or any office or windows related error messages.

Make sure you connect with the tech from the same computer on which you see this “something went wrong” messages.

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