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Microsoft Office Error Code 30045-4 Jeremy - September 20, 2023

Error code 30045-4 typically appears in Microsoft Office applications, such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, when there is an issue with the installation or update process. This error code indicates that the software encountered a problem while trying to install updates or perform repairs. What is Error 30045-4? Error 30045-4 is a common error that … Continue reading “Microsoft Office Error Code 30045-4”

[KB63363912]-How to fix Error Code 30045-4 in Office 365/2019/2021 Installation Jeremy - December 16, 2022

Error Code 30045- 4 while installing or streamlining the Microsoft Office 365/2021/2019 may do in case of Network or firewall restriction, Office licensing, Windows updates, inadequate system coffers like fragment space. Fix Microsoft Office 365/2021/2019 Error code 30045- 4 The Microsoft Office Installation Error Code 30045- 4, something  went wrong , can be easily fixed … Continue reading “[KB63363912]-How to fix Error Code 30045-4 in Office 365/2019/2021 Installation”

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