How do we use Task Manager to end a process in Windows 10?

Taksmanager is more relavant program to end the tasks for “non-responding” applications. We use Task Manager to create a run task if the apps are not opening in a regular method.
When you doubleclick the applications, they may not respond at times,it worsens and show not responding on the top.
The best ways to fix them is to end the task in a manual method with the help of task manager. Then you can re-open in a regular process, this time the programs open without any issues.

A good technician do not uninstal and reinstall if a program stops working. In turn, they will use task manager first to end the tasks and then does the troubleshoot to fix the issues. If you have any urgent works with outlook and if it not responding, you can end the task for Microsoft Outlook process and then start it again. This is a temporary simple solution to make use of outlook mail using task manager.

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