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Microsoft has released its latest operating system called “Windows 11”, which represents a significant upgrade from the previous versions of the Windows operating system. There are multiple reason for windows 11 running slow, below are mentioned the result to fix Windows 11 Running Slow.

Speed Up Windows 11 Operating System

5 Effective Methods to Fix Windows 11 Running Slow

Simple and easy steps to speed up your Windows 11 PC when Windows 11 Running Slow

Disable Startup Programs

There is a possibility that your Windows PC may have unnecessary programs or applications installed, which can contribute to longer load times.

  • Open the Task Manager by pressing the Ctrl Shift Esc keys simultaneously.
  • Choose the “Startup” tab, then locate the operation that you wish to disable and click on it. Finally, select the “Disable” button to complete the process.

Disable fast Start Up

The Windows 11 operating system includes a built-in “Turn on Fast Startup” function under the “New” option, which improves the boot-up speed of your windows 11 operating system.

You can disable it

  • Open control Panel
  • Choose the “Hardware and Sound” selection, then proceed to select the “Power Options”
  • Select what the power button does option
  • If you notice that ‘Turn on fast startup’ is enabled, you should uncheck the box to disable it.

Update Graphics drivers to fix Windows 11 Running Slow

It is possible that an outdated graphics card driver on your PC or laptop could cause slow performance issues on Windows 11 operating system. To avoid this, it is recommended that you keep your graphics driver up to date. If you’re unsure how to update your graphics card drivers, consider chatting with experts for guidance.

How to update graphic card.

  • Open device manager from control panel
  • In device manager and double- click on the” Display adapters” option.
  • Right- click on the graphics card you’re running on your PC or laptop

Check for virus or adware or malware running in the PC

It is advisable to perform frequent antivirus checkups, defender scans, and spyware scans on your computer, particularly if you frequently browse the internet or download programs, files, and attachments from spam emails. Such activities can result in the accumulation of unwanted cookies and cache on your PC, which can be potentially harmful. Regular scanning of your computer can help to protect it from potential threats.

Check for SFC Scan

  • Right click on windows start butting
  • Select Terminal( Admin)

type in “sfc/scannow” and press enter, and to remain present until the checkup process is complete.

SFC scan

Are you still experiencing the problem of Windows 11 running slow?

Reset windows 11

1. Select Start> Settings> System> Recovery. Open Recovery settings.
2.Please select “Reset PC” located next to “Reset this PC”, and then choose from the available options and settings provided in the table below.

In Conclusion,

Still, also we suggest you to choose a Microsoft Chat Support from us to help you better, If you have problem in following this styles. I’m know they will give you the results to resolve this Windows 11 Running Slow issue fully. You can also visit our website for further more information.

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